For athletes of all levels. Here you learn how to swim faster and effortless. Everything guided by our pioneering methodology. Try it!



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  • What do we do?

    In just two sessions you learn everything you need to swim more efficiently. Afterwards you will be able to train on your own and optimize your technique and performance even more.


    To whom?

    For beginners and advanced levels swimmers, triathletes, open water swimmers and water polo players.


    What we do?

    • Planning a tailor-made class.
    • Effective warm-up.
    • Biomechanics analysis with pioneering TIBURON.2 technology and video analysis.
    • Correction of Breathing, Hydrodynamics and Stroke Technique with our innovative methodology.
    • Afterwards you will receive a report with biomechanics results and recommendations.
    • An incredible swim feeling and unique experience in the best club in Barcelona.
    • Duration: 2 x 90 minutes
  • 1) Choose your class : Basic or Elite.


    2) Apply the discount coupon: "socioCNAB" if you are a member of the CNAB or the Fasttriatlon Club.


    3) Make the payment and you will receive a cofirmation mail.


    4) We will contact you to reserve the day and time. You can also contact us directly here: or at the CNAB's nx-swim office, Plaza del Mar, s / n, 08003, Barcelona.