The TIBURON.2 technology comes to your home-pool. A specialized coach will help you improve your technique with the comfort of performing the exercises in your home pool. It includes a custom biomechanics study and a technique training with our innovative technology. Discover how to improve yourselfat home and with a revolutionary and exclusive method.


VAT Included |
  • How does it works?

    We come to your pool and show you how to train there. The purpose is to gain strength and optimize your technique.


    To whom?

    For swim fans as well as for triathletes and swimmers who want to take advantage of their pool.


    What we do?

    • Previous call to clarify doubts and planning a customized class.
    • Our coach comes to your home and teaches you.
    • Biomechanics and Video analysis with the NX-SWIM BLUE.3 belt, the pioneering TIBURON.2 technology.
    • An incredible and unique experience in your pool.
    • Duration: 120 minutes
  • 1) Choose the private swim class and make the payment. You will receive a confirmation email.


    2) Apply the discount coupon: "socioCNAB" if you are a member of the CNAB or the Fasttriatlon Club.


    3) We will contact you to reserve the day and time. You can also make the request here: or at the CNAB's nx-swim office, Plaza del Mar, s / n, 08003, Barcelona.