NX-SWIM BLUE.2 our Bestseller for training and leisure in your pool. It comes with 3 different resistances for advanced swim trainings for fun, fitness, technique, intervals, aerobic, anaerobic, intervals etc.


The BLUE.2 consists of a belt, a fixation cable and 3 elastic cords that you can use according to your level and strength you want to work on:

EASY low resistance. for building endurance and enjoying long workouts. Ideal for beginners and advanced level swimmers.

HARD high resistance. to work on strength, technique, speed and short series. Ideal for advanced and elite levels.

STEEL no elasticity. For very small pools or as elongation to reach anchor points near the pool (trees etc.).


Easy mounting. You mount it in a few seconds. Quick and easy. Its perfect for swimming private, public, outdoor and indoor pools.


High quality product. It is designed, produced and manufactured in Barcelona. Materials are resistant to pool chemicals, sun and heavy usage.




What is in the box

- nx-swim bag

- Fixation cord, length = 100cm

- Swim belt, waist size: 70-100cm blue color

- EASY resistance cord, length = 150 ... 250 cm, blue

- HARD resistance cord, length = 150 ... 250 cm, black

- STEEL cord, length = 160cm, black

2 years warranty and free shipping worldwide.


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