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We are innovators of static swimming. Our goal: swim and train better. We combine state-of-the-art sports technology and functionality. We offer high quality static swimming belts and swimming courses with our TIBURON.2 technology. “When I started the triathlon, my swimming was bad, I was not progressing at all. NX-SWIM was born and now it should help you have fun swimming and achieve your goals!", founder Kay

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NX-SWIM clases

By using our pioneering technology in swim clases with biomechanics analysis we guarantee improvements in only one sesion. While swimming static with the NX-SWIM BLUE belt and elastic cables, the TIBURON.2 performs a biomechanics analysis of swimming and detects individual strengths and weaknesses. In the next step it helps to improve the technique with specific exercises.

Based on our analysis we do exercises for improving your flawsFinally you get all the information simple and of high quality. Everything in a very professional environment with a very personal treatment. You will receive all this information posterior of the course for use in your everyday trainings. In any case we guarantee improvements and a huge smile.

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