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NX-BLUE for swimming at home

Do you have a pool but don't know how to swim there?

Our solution: the NX-SWIM BLUE, just tie it up, connect your favorite tape and nothing. More than 300 kCal disappear in just 30 minutes. Residential and community pool owners, personal trainers, physical therapists, and performance centers trust in our BLUE.


The BLUE is a high quality swim belt for the best swimming training at home. Our goal from the beginning was a swim belt with high functionality, maximum comfort and high quality. We started with prototypes and intensive tests and have continued to develop the BLUE with local providers. It is handmade in Barcelona and brings swimming fun and beach feeling to your home pool.

  • Mounting and switching elastic cables  in a few seconds.

  • Laser cutting to ensure long lasting and a professional look.

  • High-tech materials resistant to pool chemicals, sunlight and high forces.

  • 100% German and Spanish providers to ensure highest quality and low CO2 footprint.


The BLUE comes with up to 5 elasticities ensuring maximum swim comfort for everybody and all types of training.

If you want to improve your stamina and burn calories, connect a yellow or blue wire.

You want to build muscle, swimming technique, and speed. This is where the red and black cables come in, they are specially designed for sets and sprints. After that, "normal" swimming is incredibly easy.

The elongation cable with comes with the BLUE.2 and BLUE.3 is made for very small pools and as elongation to a fixation point near the pool. We offer a 'a medida' service.


The BLUE is made in Barcelona and designed and engineered in Germany.

We have our office and swim facilities in the CNAB swim club at the beach side of Barcelona, the swim capital of the world. With 13.000 members its the biggest swim club in town and its famous waterpolo team.


Our Clients

 "I tried different products to swim in my pool, the BLUE is the very best one!"   

Ivone - Barcelona

"Winter training during confinement - possible with the NX-SWIM BLUE, thank you!"   

Nico - Alemania

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